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According to veteran emcee Uncle Luke too much has changed over the years when it comes to rap. He talked about how the line between R&B and Hip-Hop has been blurred and we can blame no one but Kanye West, who changed the game when he started having high profile relationships.

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Kanye West has had two major high profile relationships with women who were once and still may be considered “hoes.” First with former video vixen and exotic dancer Amber Rose and he’s currently married to Kim Kardashian who we all know got her start in a sex tape.

In an interview with WatchLOUD, Uncle Luke said, “It used to be a difference, before Kanye West, rappers wasn’t wifin’ all these hoes,” he continued, “Rappers would be secure with they woman. You look at Ice Cube. He’s always been with is wife. You look at Will Smith. He’s always been with her. Hip Hop was different.”

Much can be said about Ice Cube and Will Smith who married their longtime girlfriends in the 1990s and are still married with children today. Uncle Luke said:

“We didn’t get caught up in the Hollywood thing, where, ok rappers are now marrying Hollywood girls, leaving one, going to the next one, leaving this one,” Uncle Luke continues. “We didn’t do that. I mean, we were like real secure. We wasn’t marrying girls or wifing girls for the Internet to blow up.”

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