When Kyrie Irving went down in game one of the NBA Finals with an injury to his knee, he was expected to be fully healthy and ready to go in a few months. That prognosis would have meant he would be fine for the start of next season but now the Cavs are reportedly saying they don’t want to do that and would rather show more caution with him and his knee.


Everything in the rehab process is still going smoothly as Chris Haynes for Cleveland.Com reports, but the Cavaliers organization is simply being extra cautious with one of their biggest stars. He says that the Cavs are slowing down Kyrie’s rehab, and that he’s no sure thing to play in the season opener on Oct. 27. One of Haynes’ sources says Irving may be out until January.

This is likely the Derrick Rose effect. With what has happened to his body over the past few years they just want to be extra careful. Same thing somewhat happened to Kevin Durant last season, came back too early from a foot injury and eventually missed the rest of the season.

This is actually a good idea for the Cavs because let’s face it. They don’t exactly need Kyrie early in the year given who else is on the roster and the fact they play in the East. Lebron, Kevin Love & the rest of the squad will be able to keep the Cavs in contention until later in the season when they actually need Kyrie.