Once Kylie turned 18 , you could not tell these two love birds a thing. Everyone is trying to pick apart lyrics from his album to see if it was about Kylie, when they know it is. Now everyone has cameras in their faces as if they did not already know they were together. Well it hit national TV today while everyone was tuned in to the 2015 Video Music Awards.

Sitting by his woman’s side this year was Tyga in all smiles. Kylie Jenner got to present an award with song writer/artist Neyo. Some are already making jokes saying she got to touch that stage before Tyga would ever be presented for an award. Although there is still a age difference she if finally 18 and they can be in love in peace. Well, not so much in peace but at least they won’t call him a predator.

The Kardashian’s are a celebrity family , and deal with other celebrities when it comes to relationships. Kim has Kanye, Khloe is now with Harden and well, Kylie and Tyga seem consistent. Kudos to them for going strong and congrats on finally being able to be out in the open .

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