For a few days now, Young Jeezy has had fans in anticipation with the hopes of a new project. While he has released the single “God,” that is only one part of the what he’s offering these. In an open letter, Pastor Young – he signed off – the rapper talks about the negativity that has impacted communities around the world; he discusses why our communities strive so hard and fight to get what is wanted out of life.

“I would like to take this time to ADDRESS the Street Disciples and Congregation to express my concerns and frustrations on what’s going on in our communities all over the world today,” he begins the letter. “…We are all Gods in our own right. We all have the ability and the power to change the things around us. We all have the ability to affect lives; to raise our sons and daughters to become Kings and Queens; Leaders and Prophets. To make a difference on Earth while they are here.”

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They ask why you black males are so militant? My answer to that would be because they are making us soldiers. Soldiers in a war on humanity. We have nothing to lose and everything to fight for. We are fighting for our people; we are fighting for our right to live.

According to Jeezy, this isn’t the end of his fight. He will continue on Nov. 13.

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I feel a Jeezy and Nas collaboration coming. I’m so ready for this. It takes a man in Jeezy’s position to reach another young Black male who’s seen some similar situations to make a change. I’m down for the cause.

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