Kanye West

Sunday evening [Aug. 30], was a L.I.T. situation for Kanye West. During his acceptance speech for the Video Vanguard award at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye caused a hoot. The Chicago native announced – whether serious of not is unknown … at least for the next five years – that he would be running for President in the year 2020. Now, he’s offering a little token of his appreciation if he makes it to the White House.

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JaaiR (JR)
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You get a pair of Yeezy; she gets a pair of Yeezys; he gets a pair of Yeezys … “Everyone Gets Yeezys!” That’s what Kanye said after leaving Craig’s restaurant in Hollywood. Kanye can’t be serious.

Could you imagine the amount of voters that come out on that day? I mean, sneaker heads would come out by the millions, but would it be worth it? Is he trying to lead the nation with a fashion statement? Hmm…

If Kanye Becomes 2020 President Kanye Everyone Gets Yeezys provided by LMNOLA