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The rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears is real, so is the hatred each fan feels for the other team.  So naturally when an avid Green Bay Packers fan asked young Chicago Bears fan Miguel Reyes what he wanted to name the thing he disliked most in his life, the answer was immediate.

via ESPN:

The 14-year-old Elkhart, Indiana, resident had only one name for the brain tumor that would soon require surgery. He named it Aaron Rodgers.

“We were having a party at his grandparents’ house as he was getting ready to go in for surgery,” said Peg Kelly, Reyes’ former teacher whom he now refers to as “Aunt Peg.” “It was innocent. I said, ‘You should name that,’ and right away he said ‘Aaron Rodgers.’

“It’s easier to go after something you want to beat. But it was more in fun.”

Reyes said he’s drawing strength from looking at his battle in the context of one of the NFL’s fiercest rivalries.

“It’s inspired me, and it’s helping me, too,” Reyes said Tuesday. “I feel like he’s a big, strong quarterback and beats our Bears.

“So I’m going to beat him.”

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