In an unusual court proceeding, a Caucasian woman took a sperm bank to court for giving birth to a bi-racial baby. She wasn’t too happy to learn her baby was half African-American. Check out the story to see how the judge ruled.

Woman Impregnated By Mistake With Black Man’s Sperm Goes To Court

An Illinois judge dismissed a legal claim by a woman who gave birth to a mixed race baby after accidentally being impregnated with a black man’s sperm.

It’s reported Jennifer Cramblett sought damages from the Midwest Sperm Bank of Downers Grove, Illinois for wrongful birth and breach of warranty. This sperm was intended for Cramblett and her same-sex partner.

Ms Cramblett informed the courtroom that she did love her mixed race daughter, Peyton, who is now aged three.

But because of her upbringing she had stereotypical attitudes about black people and had “limited cultural competency” when dealing with African-Americans.

The sperm bank is quite contrite about the situation. They extended a partial refund and offered an apology.

Judge Ronald Sutter, said a “wrongful birth” claim could only be sustained where testing had failed to reveal risks of hereditary or congenital disorders. Plus, the judge invited Cramblett to resubmit her claim based on negligence. She’s due back in court in December.

Woman Impregnated By Mistake With Black Man’s Sperm Goes To Court