Late June, Ice-T and his wife Coco announced that they were having their first child. In usual Coco form, the 36-year-old shows off her baby bump with a little back side to it.

Check down bottom for Coco’s bottom.

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For anyone that has been wondering about Coco’s baby bump … because she’s been hiding it very well … it’s there. The model decides to show it off with the following caption:

So u ask where is my baby bump? Well, basically its going ALL to my boobs.LOL almost 26 weeks & there is still little sight of #babychanel
Again I feel so blessed to be breezing through the stages of pregnancy and hope it doesn’t change. I do wear less heels but honesty my feet haven’t given me problems yet! Instead of working out 3-4 times a week I brought it down to maybe twice a week but then again fitness hasn’t even been a priority..I don’t really crave food that much and have only gained 5 pounds.. I’m not usually a sweets person but I do crave a little at night right before I go to bed now and lastly she’s kicking & moving around like crazy in my belly..I always joke, she’s practicing her yoga!! Haha….. Ok so there is your update. I’m on the set of Law&Order and had some downtime to fill you in