A sigh of relief for the many people that were not taking Donald Trump serious from the beginning? For me, not really because at the end up the day, Trump is still leading in the polls. Donald Trump has often been in the spotlight for not holding back and being outright disrespectful when it comes to addressing topics such as #blacklivesmatter, Mexican immigrants, and women. He recently made a statement where he admits that many of his wild accusations about people are purely entertainment.


Earlier this week, Donald Trump was yet again in the spotlight for mocking the #blacklivesmatters movement after saying that the group is a hate group and they are blatantly getting away with it. Like clock work, Trump had many of us talking and pissed off that he could make a comment like this will full confidence. But in a recent interview, it seems that he is making these statments for shock value. I, personally, don’t know if I believe that but I actually think he really has these views.

Trump has recently attempted to save face after he took a jab at another republican presidential candidate, Fiorina. Now I can’t front, the jab that Trump took at Fiorina was a little funny coming from someone like him. During an interview with rolling stone Trump said, “Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?” LOL! This guy is just so disrespectful, it is hard to take him serious. He quickly backtracked saying that many of the comments he makes are nothing but entertainment. Ironically, it works because this guy is still leading the polls.

“Many of those comments are made as an entertainer because I did ‘The Apprentice’ and it was one of the top shows on television”

Here he goes, lying again. LOL! You have to know that he is not at all fronting when he says these things. Is this really the guy that is looking to the top candidate to run the USA?