Rapper Claims He Had Sex With Kylie Jenner On New Tyga Diss Track. Hop into the post for all the details! #IFWT!

This is pretty embarrassing ladies and gentlemen. A 20 year old rapper by the name of Stitches from Miami, Florida completely aired out Kylie Jenner and Dissed Tyga while he was at it in his new song “Kyga Shes A Liar.”

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Stitches is definitely known to be on the crazy side so this can get very ugly very quick. We should expect a response considering:

1.) He Mentioned Kylie Jenner

2.) He responded to Lil Durk why wouldn’t he respond to this guy?

3.) Tyga has taken constant L’s in the past few months and really cant afford to take another one this heavy.

Tell us what you think about Stitches diss record at Tyga! Listen to “Kyga She’s A Liar” Below! #IFWT!