It’s no secret that Jay z and Beyonce are madly in love. We all saw it in their eyes from day one, and now years later the two are still head over heels for one another. Usually we get a quick peck from them, or a nice picture doing fun activities, but this picture just might melt your heart.

Still enjoying a long Italy vacation, paparazzi is feeding our souls with pictures of the Carters. From Blue Ivy to Public Displays of Affection From Jay & Bey. Kelly Rowland and her new baby boy are along for the family fun as well.

It’s good to see these two still so affectionate. Ladies we all need a man that looks at us the way Jay looks at Beyonce even after 15 years, a tour and a baby! I remember in a Beyonce interview, she said the only time she feels completely at peace and relaxed is when they are on a boat. Now when I see them on a boat I just think “Happy Wife, Happy Life” smart man Jay z.

The Dutchess