Really?! REALLY?!? Seems as if the Kardashian sisters have something to be afraid of. While Blac Chyna and Amber Rose are worried about their SLUT WALK and money, Kim and Khloe are drafting up a cease and desist letter to stop the two former strippers from turning their upcoming MTV reality show into a Kardashian clan bash [BIG HEADS MUCH?].

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According to Radar Online a close source to the clan says, “Khloe and Kim confronted Amber Rose regarding her and Blac Chyna’s reality show.” The source added that the sisters “told them that if that they will to whatever is necessary to prevent them from harming the Kardashian family and spilling their secrets.”

While the clan sisters have had their lawyers draft up this letter, it hasn’t been sent off. They say that after asking the boootylicious team of two nicely to not make the show an anti-Kardashian hour, they will not have to sent it off. Their waiting on the first show to air.

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#IJS: First, WHAT SECRETS?! One Kardashian sucked and screwed on camera, their [step] father is now their step mother, their Jenner sister has been boning a grown man [before the age of 18] and we already know that Travi$ Scott ghostwrites for Kanye soooooo …. WHAT SECRETS?! Anything to get some air time. Besides, Amber squashed this beef some time ago.