Lady Gaga

Even Lady Gaga isn’t safe during New York Fashion Week!

The “Poker Face” artist attended Alexander Wang’s 10th anniversary party during NYFW at Pier 94 in New York this past weekend. She walked in glasy-eyed and went straight to the bar, asking the bartender if she could get up on the bar and dance. After getting the okay, she got on the bar top and shook her money maker for a few minutes until another bartender told her she had to get down.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

“She got on the bar and danced for 10 minutes until a different bartender told her to get down. She was really polite about it,” said a spy who was inside the club.

They also observed Kylie and Tyga allegedly “making out all night” and Kanye West in the cut trying to hide with his hoodie over his head.

Sounds like an eventful after-party!

Source: PageSix