Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner is taking his/her transgender change to the full stretch. He/She has a new outer appearance and has the world calling him/her Caitlyn, so why not legally change the gender (rhetorical). The 65-year-old dad/mom has filed legal documents requesting a judge grants him/her the official gender change, however, with this change request comes a few secrets that Caitlyn is afraid of getting out.

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Documents were filed in L.A. County Superior Court Tuesday. While everyone has taken to the name Caitlyn, it has not been legalized, therefore, he’s/she’s requesting an official name change as well as a gender change. The change, however, comes with some concerns for Jenner. He’s/She’s hoping that some personal information on the documents (like his medical history) remains sealed. Jenner is afraid that if the information gets out, harm will follow. While there has been major support for Jenner, there has also been threats of physical damage, which is why he’d/she’d like to keep some things sealed.

Hmm, does this guy/gal know that with the spotlight comes NO privacy? The judge may issue that request but it won’t stay private for long. Hell, now I’m curious. We know you’ve had the sex change; we know for sure you’ve has surgical procedures a time or two, so what in your medical history is such a big secret?