In Saudi Arabia alcohol is illegal. So just like people trying to smuggle in cocaine into America, Arabians try to smuggle in liquor into Saudi Arabia. Click the jump to see how this Arabian man got creative to get that work over the boarder.

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According to The Mirror, underneath a Saudi Arbian man’s traditional white robe, he had on pants that had custom made pockets to put his alcohol bottles into them. This was to smuggle in his contraband, obviously without being seen by airport police. After customs officials saw him walking a little funny, they searched him and came up with twelve bottles of liquor on this Arabian man.

To me, it looks like this guy should be moving promethazine to rappers. Those are some perfect pockets to smuggle in Actavis, if you could find Actavis. Hey, Future did say we all think it’s a drought right? Go the gallery to see the photos of this legendary attempt to get liquor across the boarder.

If Kanye ever decided to sell these pants, it would probably cost $400 and it would probably have every hipster, and maybe every drug dealer in line for these.

At the end of the day, stories like this make me thank God I live in America, where I can buy my henny in peace.

Source: The Mirror