Amidst a room full of speakers was New York’s very own Journalist Karen Civil. The White House Champion Of Change event that takes place yearly took off in Washington D.C. There were 11 young women being honored for the role played in their community. Amongst, these group of women are heroic, brave, valiant, lionhearted individuals whom are on the right path to a successful future. This event acknowledges young women who are preeminent and motivating their communities as supporters and advisers.

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The young entrepreneur whose rise to fame was not an easy one but she had a dream of doing something in entertainment. Her courage outweighed all her fears. The journalist spoke on believing in yourself and the duty as women to have the courage to stand up for what you believe in. Civil speaks to these young women about being firm with your dreams although society sometimes may not allow us. Karen goes into depth on how she also struggled with nervousness, a young girl growing up in Elizabeth, New Jersey when starting her career she was full of doubt.

She emphasizes to these ladies that it is important to discover your passion and to tackle it head on. In her speech she goes on to say that “You must not be afraid to speak conviction over you future, do not be afraid to stand up and advocate whether it be the classroom or boardroom”. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, it’s that passion that will take you far as long as you walk into your purpose. Although, trials may present themselves as a women it is your duty to stay strong, stay firm and see the test through.

In a world that is constantly telling women to be everything other than their self , its your job to remain true to who you are. Civil states, “Passion is an emotion that will push you to break free from your comfort zone and extend pass any boundaries you saw for yourself” Before bringing her speech to an end Karen turned to the group of ladies quoting recording artist, Kalani Bright ” You are what you choose to be, its not up to no one else. Be great, be kind, don’t let anyone dim your light. A women like the sun should always stay bright”.