We all know Marshawn Lynch doesn’t enjoy talking to the media but his mother more than makes up for it. Earlier this week she straight up bashed the Seahawks offensive coordinator, claiming he should have been fired for his horrible play call in the Super Bowl. Her remarks came after another 4th & 1, this time against the Rams last week, which saw her son get stopped and led to a Rams win. Yesterday she wanted to clarify what she meant, especially after the backlash her comments caused.


Momma Lynch may have realized her comments could cause a problem within the Seahawks and the locker room so she tried to clarify her comments and wants people to know she is speaking as a fan first and not Marshawn’s mother.

I am a fan of football first and foremost, when I watch the game I view it through the eyes of a fan and then a Mother. I’ve been going to my kids games and practices for year, and not only do I love the game but I love analyzing it also. I don’t discuss football when talking with my son, I discuss life and other things. I realize as a mother of a player, my views with be received differently than the average fan, and I acknowledge that Facebook may have not been the best platform to display my views, but I love the Seahawks just like all the other 12’s, so when I see a 4th and 1 ran out of a shotgun formation against a good Rams defensive line, as a FAN it makes me wonder what the coordinators logic was — Momma Lynch

She does have a point. Nothing she said would be considered so “crazy” if she had no relation to a player on the team. There are STILL thousands of Seahawks fans who wonder why Marshawn didn’t get the ball in the Super Bowl AND wonder why they gave Marshawn the ball last Sunday against the Rams out of a bad formation which caused him to be stopped short.

A week from now this won’t even be news. Check the gallery!