Most sports fans were shocked when the news of Cordell Broadus leaving the UCLA football program was made public. He had worked for years to be one of the better high school wide receivers in the nation and his work paid off with a full scholarship to UCLA. Cordell might have had the talent but he didn’t have the love for the game and we wondered what might be next. At the time there were reports he was interested in film but now we know at least part of the reason he left school was to be a designer. Just didn’t know he would be designing underwear.


Cordell is helping create designs for a company called “PSD”. Founder Curt Flaitz tells us teaming up with Cordell was a no-brainer. “He’s a creative guy who’s young and hungry. And he’s been wearing our stuff forever.” Cordell and the PSD team met this week to start mocking up designs that target younger buyers. Or as Flaitz put it “You know how there’s a cool kids table at lunch. We make our products for those people.”

Kyrie Irving, Chandler Parsons, and Marshawn Lynch officially rock PSD as celeb endorsers. Snoop’s also a big fan of the brand.

Some people still think he was crazy to walk away from football and the potential long term riches but you have to love what you do and if Cordell didn’t love football then this was definitely the right move.