Do you want funny? Donald Trump stopped by New York City’s Twitter studios where he partook in a question and answer session. The ‘Ask Trump’ hashtag was obviously to get one up on his presidential mates, but all-in=all, he LOST. while there were a few Twitter users that used the opportunity to ask thought-provoking questions dealing in strictly politics, other users were not so friendly.

Check out the slam fest after the jump.

JaaiR (JR)
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It’s Trump; it was only right that the #AskTrump session go awry. Followers of the Q&A asked about everything from his toupee to whether or nor he had health issues.

Do you have any health problems we can pin our hopes on?
– @joe__nelson

Ouch. They even through HOV in the mix.

Does Jay Z say whale or well on “U Don’t”
– @desusnice

Interested in where the Trump stands on some political topics? Check out the videos below.

Check the gallery for some of the HA-LA-RI-US #AskTrump tweets.

Not everyone can participate in the hashtag battles and come come out alive.