I guess some things in the world of wrestling truly are real. Some of us may remember when the very real death of Owen Hart aired live so that tells you sometimes scripts don’t go as planned. Yesterday during the championship match, Sting suffered a serious neck injury after being powerbombed.


According to reports, Sting was injured badly several times throughout his match against Seth Rollins but the most serious injury came when he was powerbombed against the turnbuckle. Sting was taken to a hospital where doctors conducted CAT scans and found no significant fractures, fortunately.

Prior to the fight, the 56 year old was in perfect shape and was acting as surprise return to the ring for wrestling fans. I personally have not watched wrestling for some years now, mainly because once I found out it was not real, I was heartbroken and felt deceived. LOL. However, it a slightly sick way, knowing that injuries can really happen somewhat makes it more watchable.

Sting X Seth…

From watching the video, it is hard to tell what is real and what isn’t. Wrestlers tend to be “dramatic” for the audience but after Sting dips the clothesline, you can see him fall to the mat, clearly in pain. He is currently recovering at home with no particular time frame. He can, however, walk but is in serious pain.