The song “Fade” by Kanye West featuring Post Malone and Ty Dolla $ign was debuted during West’s last minute show for NYFW. The song is doused in 80’s and 90’s tribal house rhythym. One could say that between the fashion and the song, Kanye West is trying to bring back an Afrian-tribal movement that happened in the 80’s.

Genny Noel

Sampled from a song called “Deep Inside” by Hardrive, “Fade” features a dope drum beat that is subtly the best part of the song. The beat is almost a trance that would have dance floors moving all night long.

The new clothing line, is all flesh/earthy tones which was a big part of that movement in the 80’s and 90’s.

The style of the Yeezus: Season 2 clothes are a mix between Star Wars Tattooine (desert planet) and Zion’s party scene in the Matrix:Reloaded. Zion’s party is the perfect way to explain that the underground group was a tribe. They were the last human city on a version of Earth that was in a war between man and computers. They all wore the earthy/flesh tones because when you look at an overhead view of them, they were one unit. The clothes and music from the party, you can see where Kanye’s new song and clothing line could be inspired by it.

Kanye could be comparing himself to Zion and the clothing line could be him trying to unite people.

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen Kanye compare himself to a god.

The movement during the 80’s was a very positive time for society. The music was uplifting and people were overall having a good time in life. It could be that West is trying to bring our own society to a place of zen.

Check out the cool scene from the Matrix:Reloaded, below!