I guess I can respect where Bow Wow (Shad Moss) is coming from but I can’t agree with him. Shad called former Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart a “sissy” after he liked a bunch of pics of Joie Chavis, aka the mother of Shad’s daughter. Still it doesn’t make sense for him to call out one specific guy when thousands more like her pics all the time.


Maybe Shad hates the Steelers or something but he is in a happy relationship with Erica Mena and that appears to be going very well, so not sure why he would get in his feelings about another man liking pics of his ex.

Kordell liked a few pics and commented “SMH” under a pic where the focus of Joie’s backside. It didn’t take long for Shad to hit back with a comment on his Facebook page.

“Kordell play if you want! Anything that falls off my tree is my representation. Keep it up Sissy”.

Perhaps there is more to this behind the scene or maybe Shad felt Kordell was being disrespectful. Either way, make sure you check the gallery for the messages!

Tip to BSO for the find