The Bulls have had nothing short of a few storybook seasons over the past few years but unfortunately, the stories did not have the greatest of endings. From D.Rose being plagued by injuries to the constant upsets in the playoffs, the Bulls have battled to remain a significant force in the Eastern Conference. Today during media day, D. Rose was questioned about criticism he receives about his game and his response was, “I Know I’m great!”


D. Rose is fresh off of his first completed regular and post season since the 2010-11. Injury has plagued Derrick since the 2012 playoff season; however, he has made two full recoveries since then and even led his squad to the semi-finals of the Eastern Conference playoffs this past season. Like many years in the past, however, the Bulls end up facing LeBron–whether he plays in Miami or Cleveland–and lose.

Today during media day Derrick was asked about the criticism he often faces about his game and his response was, “I know I’m great. It’s a lot of people that don’t know I’m great, that’s the thing but its cool. I know I can hoop. You can put me anywhere and I know how to play the game of basketball…I know I’m great and that’s it,” and he is definitely not lying about that. Last year during the Eastern Conference playoffs, Derrick Rose hit an impossible buzzer beater to take a 2-1 series lead over LeBron an the Cavs and that in itself was greatness!

The Bulls are another squad in the Eastern Conference who have gone under reconstruction but most prominently it is the coaching that has changed. For the past five years, the Bulls have been coached by Tom Thibodeau who often came up short in his many playoff appearances but that era has come to an end as of the playoff loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Bulls will be headed by coach Fred Hoiberg who previously coached at Iowa State. Basketball fans will be watching to see if Hoiberg’s college coaching talent will be able to transfer to the NBA and more specifically to the Bulls and the greatness that is Derrick Rose.