Never before in Battle Rap history has a Headliner battle or any battle ever come out on YouTube the following day. Find out why the most anticipated battle ” Charlie Clips Vs Loaded Lux” was forced to be put out not even 24 hours after the battle took place.

After being on Hot 97, Vlad Tv, and just about every media outlet possible the anticipation grew for this particular battle like a Boxing event would. Charlie Clips, the legend of this era faced legendary Loaded Lux, one of the pioneers in battle rap. After a long drawn out coin toss and a lot of drama on stage the battle was able to take place and was a success. Fans from across the world bought tickets months in advance when no other battles were announced, meaning they bought tickets solely based on Charlie Clips Vs Loaded Lux. Others paid for a live stream pay per viewing of the event “Summer Madness 5” that took place September 26 at Irving Plaza.

Due to Pay Per view streaming it gave a lot of access to bootleggers. It wasn’t long before copies of the battle were leaked all over the internet. The leak of the battle left U.R.L TV no choice but to release the raw un edited battle. A lot of factors are based on views and marketing, a loss to a battle of such caliber could be miscalculated had it not been released immediately. Although some fans who paid for pay per view were let down that they spent the money, other fans across the world who are used to waiting months for battle releases were excited.

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