Tuesday, a sex tape leaked of Love and Hip Hop reality star Nikki Mudarris and her former boyfriend Mally Mall. It’s a quick clip of the couple getting it on and was said to be put out by Nikki herself. However, Wednesday the starlet went on a twitter rant accusing her on-again-off-again boyfriend of exposing their intimate moment.

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Love and Hip Hop star Nikki Mudarris seems to have been deeply hurt by the leaking of her sex tape with Mally Mall. She went on a Twitter rant Wednesday to express her feelings about the tape. She said, “I would NEVER leak a tape of me intimately that I didn’t even know was being made. I’m at a loss as everyone else. This is completely out of My hands and was never willingly authorized.”

She also added, “Can’t trust anyone not even a man you were Sleepin with. People are so malicious to harm you & fuck up your brand in anyway. Smh.”

If you haven’t yet seen the tape click here. Then head on over to the gallery to read her full statement on the tape.

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