It’s no secret Jimmy Graham wasn’t very unhappy when he learned the Saints traded him to the Seahawks. It’s not that going to a Super Bowl contender is a bad thing, he was upset with the way it went down and how he was kept in the dark. Apparently he still isn’t feeling his old team as he fired a shot via twitter, before deleting it of course.


The Saints recently traded Akiem Hicks to the Patriots, which really is doing him a favor because the Pats are actually good. Graham wanted to wish him the best and remind him how lucky he is to be out of New Orleans.

Graham tweeted, then deleted “feel blessed u got out of there. Time to go shine big dog. All the best. Good luck”

At this point, Graham should definitely feel blessed himself with the way things went down. The Saints are a joke and the Seahawks are going to play meaningful games in December & January.

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