Kevin Durant is already on edge when it comes to dealing with the media and he should be. He has had to listen to constant nonsense rumors over the years about himself & Russell Westbrook not getting along, the constant negativity large portions of the media like to revel in, mistreatment and more. After today you can add Stephen A Smith to the list of people KD probably wants nothing to do with ever.


All NBA fans know we are going to hear constant, crazy free agency rumors about KD until the season ends. It’s just part of the game, we know its gonna happen as much as we wish we didn’t have to hear it all the time.

Stephen A has been hard at work already creating controversy with his “sources” about Durant. First it was that he heard reports Kobe Bryant & KD could join Carmelo Anthony with the Knicks next year. Even if someone truly told Smith that, he is smart enough to know that is NEVER going to happen. He started a frenzy with those comments and that’s what his intent was.

Then earlier this week, Smith again mentioned “sources” and Kevin Durant, this time linking him to the Lakers, saying that if he left OKC, he prefers the Lakers instead of anywhere else, including his hometown Wizards.

Another report and more of a frenzy but this time KD was asked about it and he flat out called Smith a liar!

After Friday’s practice, Durant, speaking for the first time since those rumors have bubbled across the Internet, strongly denied them to The Oklahoman. Here’s the quick interaction:

There was the first of these unnamed sourced free agency reports that we’re expecting to come out throughout the season. The whole Lakers thing that Stephen A Smith came out with, do you have any response to that?

Durant: “I don’t talk to Stephen A Smith at all. Nobody in my family, my friends, they don’t talk to Stephen A Smith. So he’s lying.”

What’s the best way to attack those because I know you’re not naive to think these won’t be popping up throughout the year?

Durant: “If you ask me a question, I’ll talk about them. But like I said before, I have people who I talk to about everything and I know for a fact they didn’t talk to him, so he’s making up stories.”

Don’t expect KD to make any appearances on “First Take” anytime soon.