Meek opened Pandora’s Box when he put Drake on blast about using Quentin Miller as a ghostwriter and ever since, different people in the industry have chimed in and gave their two cents on the matter. It is common knowledge that rappers may use ghostwriters and in an recent interview, Tyrese says he has witnessed it firsthand.


In a one way or another, it may be safe to say that Meek has at least one W in this entire situation stemming from an issue he had with Drizzy. He has the hip hop world talking. In a year that has been very consistent and competitive in hip hop, we have a lot to cover when it comes to the quality that we are getting. Meek definitely dropped a bomb when he revealed that Quentin Miller was behind Drake’s verse on RICO from his DWMTM album. But is it really that big of a deal or better yet should we really be surprised?

Tyrese says we should not be too surprised since he has been in writing sessions where top rappers have used a team of writers to make hits. Unfortunately, Tyrese does not break his silence about who exactly these rappers are; however, he does say that they are some that we ‘look up to.’ HMMMM? That term look up to–in my opinion–is not said loosely and only a select few names fall under that category.

Tyrese On Ghostwriting…

Anyway, Tyrese says it does not matter who writes the song because the artist actually executes the song and brings it to life. On the other hand, though, it does diminish claims of an artist who says they are the very best at their game when that includes penning their own words and executing them in performance and recordings at the same time.