Back in August, Matt Barnes implied that he and Rihanna were talking and that notion was quickly shot down after Rihanna took to Instagram and violated him. LOL! Matt has since defended himself against Rihanna’s claims that she never even met him (LMAO) and he recently said that he is too grown too lie. For his manhood’s sake I would hope so too. Check the video!


This has been one of the funnier stories to come out of the NBA since this past summer and in one way or another, a Clipper or ex Clipper rather, was involved. Matt has spent some time in the media lately and not solely because of his doings off of the court. He was traded from the Clippers to the Hornets and then was ultimately moved to Memphis. Honestly, that move ended up working out for him because he landed on another great team!

However, after Rihanna violated him on the blogs, he received a lot of backlash from different media outlets who clearly were taking Rih’s side in the matter. Honestly, though, no disrespect but it would not be all that unbelievable if these two really were talking–no matter what stage. Rihanna definitely is known to dabble and test the waters in the single life, so hearing that she was talking to Matt is not too far fetched.

Matt Defends Himself Again…

If they were in fact dating at some point, it is pretty obvious why she would clown Matt publicly. He was way too gassed about claiming her in public. The two probably were not that serious in whatever stage they may or may not have been in and for him to disclose their relationship to the blogs undoubtedly turned her off. LOL! Real Gs move in silence, Matt!!