Last week, singer Sevyn Streeter quoted some interesting lyrics on Twitter:

“You never really know what you got till its gone…you Shoulda been there now she singing this song…”

The words were from her boyfriend B.o.B.’s verse on their collab “Shoulda Been There,” so it’s possible she was just enjoying the music they made together…or she had a subliminal message for him. Judging by some social media activity last night, it appears it was the latter!

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Taking to Instagram, B.o.B. shared the above photo of a lovely lady’s backside in his room, which could have possibly been Sevyn. Except it wasn’t, as the woman in question later uploaded a pic of her with the ATL singer/rapper.

While I love social media because we can be nosy and know what’s going on with our favorite celebs, I hate it in the same token…because people like Sevyn (which could be any of us at some point) have to go through this type of thing in front of millions of people. Ugh, not a fun feeling! Hold your head, boo!

UPDATE: Seemingly in the midst of backlash, the woman from the photos – a model by the name of Briteady, has now posted a DM from B.o.B. from three days ago, where he asked if she wanted to do some “cross-branding.” I don’t know – sounds like his roundabout way of trying to holla to me, and her roundabout way of trying to play it off with the notion that they’re just friends…

U can't believe everything u see..

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