We’re not sure what’s been going on with Def Squad’s own Keith Murray lately but after witnessing his long-anticipated battle with Onyx’s own Fredro Starr in Brooklyn last week, I’m convinced the drugs are starting to become an issue.

After making a complete fool out of himself during the battle, everyone’s eyebrows were raised at Keith Murray due to his ridiculously horrid performance. After different interview clips from the show started to go viral, we knew he was doomed.

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A video has been circulating around the internet of Murray telling the world how he “dresses better than any gay man” and how he believes he is a “fasintisa.” Yes that’s right… fasintisa… not fashionista.

Experience the f*ckery for yourself below for good laugh… or ten.

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Here’s the full rap battle with Keith Murray vs. Fredro Starr below incase you missed it: