Once the Hip Hop Award smoke cleared, Big Tigger gave the world what we have all been missing! He brought back his infamous freestyle booth from his self proclaimed Big Tigger’s The Basement. 2 chains, Snoop Dog and a few others stopped by the booth to bless it but none compared to battle rapper DNA. Make sure you check out his full insta booth freestyle and watch how hype Big Tigger gets as his legendery booth is filled with heat!

Queens rapper DNA performed on this years B.E.T Hip Hop Awards in the live cypher. Coming from Battle Rap’s largest league URLtv along with his other battle rap peers. It has definatly been his year to shine and the proof was in the booth! Big Tigger’s Insta Booth was uploaded and his freestyle immediately began to trend putting an end to rumors that battle rappers can’t handle a beat. Kid Kapri plans to put a push on the release of the Battle Rap Album he has been working on due to the rising of rappers like Dna and Charlie Clips, whose Hip Hop Awards verse was played by Funk Flex immediately after the awards on Hot 97.

DNA has recently became a part of a 2 on 2 duo with fellow battle rapper K Shine. The two received recognition from House Party’s Kid & Play after they did the legendary Kid & Play Dance during the Hip Hop Awards. Word on the street is the duo already have plans to cook up a track with Jadakiss & Styles P who also have the ability to feed off of each others bars.

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