Hip Hop mogul, Dr. Dre is being sued by his housekeeper because she claims that her almost $2k/per week salary was not enough for all of the pain and stress she endured while on the job. She says he and his wife did not intervene when she was being bullied and and overworked by other in the house. The housekeeper was fired while in the hospital for work related reasons.

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Raquel Sagustume, housekeeper to Dr.Dre and his family, filed a claim in Los Angelos stating that she was bullied by other staff members in the house, specifically two female cousins of the NWA founder.

Sagustume says that the other house staff felt threatened by her skill level and forced unbearable work loads on her, including their own work, to hinder her performance. The housekeeper suffered physical strain and injury regularly that eventually put her in the hospital due to anxiety and a panic attack.

The housekeeper says Dr. Dre and his wife, Nicole Young, failed to prevent discrimination and harassment in their home.

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