King Ba

Nia Guzman has made this way too easy for Chris Brown. After trying to point the finger at Chris by saying he’s dangerous and a threat for their young daughter to be around (in an attempt to gain full custody so she could get those child $upport checks), it turns out her home was a lot more dangerous!

As we previously reported, Nia’s man (or ex as she claims – which is probably just a cover) King Ba was wanted in Texas for allegedly faking more than $5,000 in U.S. Treasury checks. He turned himself in and was later released on bond with a pending court date of October 15…which he apparently decided to skip out on. Unfortunately for him, cops had other plans, and found and arrested Ba (real name Mamadou Bobo Bah) this past Saturday in Houston.

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As for how his scheme was reportedly uncovered:

“Prosecutors said Ba and co-defendant Joshua Bob posted a message on Snapchat back in February asking that people looking for quick “legit” cash to contact them. A witness later told investigators that she responded, and one of the men got in touch and promised her $400 if she let them deposit four fake checks worth $5,300 into her account. The woman agreed, but when she tried to back out at the last minute, she said an armed Bah threatened to shoot her. She said the men drove her to three different banks to withdraw the money, paid her and then kicked her out of the car. The woman called the cops.”

He seems like a real winner, huh?

Source: Bossip