While everyone is hashtag[ing] relationship goals, I am trying to find out how to get on Oprah’s team. The already billionaire has earned herself another $60+ million after she became a 10% stake owner for Weight Watchers, a program that “offers a holistic approach to weight loss.”

Hmm, the true meaning of investing in your future.

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As a 10% stake owner in Weight Watchers, Oprah owns 6.3 million shares. Due to her purchase, she is allowed 3.5 million more due to the doubling of the stock. That means an estimated $100-$110 million … IN ONE DAY.

Something to thing about; according to USA Today:

But the massive one-day jump is a tangible and financial sign of the weight Winfrey still carries with investors and consumers. It would also pay Winfrey’s Weight Watcher fee for 1.6 million months or buy her 28 million Weight Watcher meals.

While 6.4 million shares in the company is huge for Oprah, she’s the second biggest money maker in Weight Watchers; the first being Artal, owning 29.4 million shares; which makes them $209 million in one day.

Sheesh. I need to be an investor. Money, money, money, money … MONEY!

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