Miles x Milan

VH1 brought a different twist into this season of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood with its first gay couple appearing on the show – Miles and Milan.

Being that Miles has yet to openly come out and is still in a relationship with a female, it causes a rift as we’ve seen on the show between the two lovers. Howeve Milan, an openly gay male rapper, is not with the sh*ts anymore and wants Amber to wake up and smell the fresh coffee.

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He took to his Twitter page to basically sound off about how naive Amber is for not realizing that her man is on the DL.

“I’m not about to play with y’all tonight.. I feel bad for amber I do but sweetie.. How you didn’t know sway? HOW?” Milan wrote on his Twitter page. “I mean I knew miles was gay the 1st day he came up to me talking bout let’s get in the studio.. Shit Stevie wonder can see that shii #ijs”

Check out the full shade being thrown in the gallery. Do you agree with Milan?