Chad Ochocinco or simply Chad Johnson is a lot of things: Pro Bowl Wide Receiver, Exiled Wide Receiver, Social Media Commentator, Reality Star, a Douchebag (depending on who you speak to), but now Ocho has added makeup artist to his repertoire.

Cinco took to his instagram last night to showcase his daughter’s senior picture. Thats regular right? But what makes this extraordinary is he says he did it all on his own:spiked pencil, baby lip gloss, Amber Palette and all.
Ochocinco acknowledged that as a father he shouldn’t be able to do this, but he is the G.O.A.T when it comes to his kids and apparently raising the bar.

“I’m posting my daughter @jicyraa senior picture again to display her SLAY which I am responsible for. I used studio fix NW 45 for her face. Amber Palette on eyes, spiked pencil for brows, format for cheeks & Oh Baby Lip Glass, as a father I shouldn’t know how to do this shit but I’m the G.O.A.T when it comes to my kids, I pretty much suck at everything else except FIFA & football.. (If you want my services for special occasions I’ll be available to the public in 2020, I’m booked up until then)”

Look out world.

Isaiah Rhodes Twitter //Instagram