Writers of empire, Carlito Rodriguez and Malcolm Spellman are now focusing some time in creating a Hip Hop Biopic. They are planning on showing the many influences that were apart of makng this culture. One of the bigger focuses being Sylvia Robinson, the co-founder of Sugar Hill Records.

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Source- Vibe

Known as the “Mother of Hip Hop,” Sylvia was one of the first to truly make a presence in the world of Hip Hop. It will show her path as she tries to overcome a mostly male dominated culture. Being a female in the Hip Hop world in this day in age is still very difficult and hopefully this biopic will shine some light on the true obstacles many women had to overcome. Sylvia shook the game with “Rappers Delight” and I say its about time our mother had some recognition.

Empire is already a smash hit and these brilliant writers have shown their skills, but taking on such a big project can be risky. Hip Hop culture is loved around the world and if the biopic flops the “ride or die” fans will definitely speak up. On the other hand making this successful will more than likely boost their careers for the future. I personally can not wait and will be first in line to see what they are making for us.