On Thursday night there was a shooting at Tennessee State University. Police spokesman Don Aaron said the shooting happened because of a dice game gone wrong. A fistfight had started during the game and then shots were fired killing one man who wasn’t a student at the school and injuring three women that were passing by. It is yet known if the shooter was a student or not but he did get away. As for the 3 women that were hit, 1 was grazed and didn’t need medical attention while the other 2 were sent to the hospital; One of them got released Friday morning while the other was in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery.

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Source- WRAL.com

“This was an isolated shooting incident in a courtyard,” Aaron said. “There were never, we believe, any other students in danger in dormitories or elsewhere on campus.”

“The person who fired those shots put innocent persons in extreme danger in this isolated incident,” Aaron said. “We’re hoping that TSU students that have this video, have this knowledge, understand that this person put them in danger tonight, and will report what they know.”

Students did manage to take some videos of the fight and the police are encouraging anyone who scattered after the shooting to come forward and help add to the evidence. The police do not hve a description of the suspect and are still investigating if it was an exchange of gunfire.