In a recent interview Ceelo Green announced that he would like to come back as a coach on The Voice, he started in 2011 as a coach and had to leave the show last year when faced with a felony drug charge. A young woman claimed that Ceelo gave her Ecstasy at a 2012 dinner. Ceelo plead no contest and was sentenced to community service and is currently on probation.

Mary: Instagram

After the sentencing Ceelo was upset and went on a social media rant! He went on twitter and stated

“Woman who have really been raped Remember!!!”

He eventually apologized but it was too late, the insensitive statement led to the cancellation of a reality show and several concert appearances.

Ceelo is using this ugly situation as a learning experience and wants to put it behind him. He acknowledges his wrong doings and believes that this situation can only make him better in all aspects of his life. He is focused on his music more than ever and is very confident that all will fall into place. I’m rooting for Ceelo we all make mistakes in life you just have to live learn and move on. Stay tuned to see how everything unfolds.

Source: Billboard