A retired Michigan State Police officer with the K-9 unit claims he was treated unfairly because of the color of his skin. He explained that he was demoted for leaving a work shift early and misfiling time cards, while on the other hand white officers have done way worse than him, giving the example that a white officer had their canine partners die after being left in a car for 11 hours, but was given a second chance.

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Racism is a theme that clearly never gets old to society for some sick reason, and the continuous use of it almost makes society numb to it all but that’s something we all have to fight as new stories arise weekly and reminds us how “separate and unequal” it is in parts of society. The now-retired trooper, who was not identified, is reportedly suing the state police, claiming that after being accused of leaving a work shift early and misfiling time cards, he was demoted and had his K-9 dogs taken away—despite his claim that a sergeant had given him permission to leave his patrol early. The anonymous retired officer’s attorney Leonard Mungo, who is representing the former officer, spoke on the matter and even mentioned racial remarks:

It speaks to a discriminatory mindset. It speaks to a discriminatory custom and culture in the Michigan State Police, We have the representations from a white trooper that my client was called ‘Buckwheat,’ and my client was called ‘Sambo’ and other racially derogatory terms,

The anonymous source said, “For them to get together with the command and concoct some crazy investigation to get you removed from the unit, it’s clearly because I’m black.” It’s evident that there may have been some alleged aspect of racism and if so, the retired officer should follow through with his claims entirely because like the famous quote goes, “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.”

Source: Click On Detroit