It’s been 3 years since the music industry lost the wonderful Whitney Houston and still to this day we all mourn the lost of her. Whitney Houston had a voice that touched lives and woke up souls and we watched how her voice inspired singers like Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Beyoncé Knowles, and many more.

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Last night Mariah Carey was on Instagram when she paid tribute to the late great Whitney Houston by posting a picture of the two together that was taken back in the 90’s. The picture was from the video of the two did together for the song called “When you Believe”, the song was recorded for the movie “The Prince of Egypt” and they later performed on the 71st Academy Awards.

Here’s the video below:

Mariah Carey appeared on Good Morning America and expressed her feelings towards losing her friend, she stated

“I’m almost incapable of talking about it. It’s very heavy for me emotionally,” she began, speaking with GMA’s Robin Roberts. “It was great and I don’t think people could ever understand our relationship … there was always this supposed rivalry in the beginning and then we did the duet and we became friends. I loved her. We all loved her. May she rest in peace … her legend’s gonna go on forever.”