27-year old school district police, Patrick Quinn has more than just a fettish. He might have an addiction. A bad one. Quinn was given a year in jail after pleading guilty to “official oppression.”

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In August of 2014, Quinn was conducting a traffic stop when he found Marijuana in the woman car. Apparently Quinn had a really bad foot fetish and tried to use it to his advantage during this traffic stop but it didn’t quite work that well in his favor. Quinn told the woman that if she allowed him to lick her feet or give him her underwear, she would be released.

This woman clearly was not beat for the bulls*hit. Quinn apparently changed his mind and let the woman go. I guess he realized how stupid he sounded and tried to clear the air before it was too late.
The woman went and reported this instance to the authorities the next day. They then found out that three other people had come forward and complained about sexual comments being made by the officer.

Quinn plead guilty and will be spending a year in the Harris County Jail.
The Harris County District Attorneys office released a statement saying,

“The reality is many victims of this kind of conduct don’t come forward, but because of the courage of the victims who spoke up, Mr. Quinn will never again be able to use a badge to prey on the people he should have been protecting”

Source: Ksat