With just five days left before the beautiful yet amazingly talented Ariana Grande single “Focus” makes it’s feauture debut, the artist is going above and beyond to promote yet entice her fans.

Mary: Instagram

The pop star has even been allowing her fans the freedom of hearing small clips of the single as a tease, keeping you on the edge of your chair. Earlier this month she has also debuted the cover art for “Focus” which features her new platinum half pony tail look. The cover is simple yet seductive in it’s own way, Ariana thanks a couple of people for helping make her vision come true, including her boyfriend Ricky Alvarez. Sorry fellas she is not available!! Ariana is looking better and better with time, the sexy singer knows exactly what to do to keep her fans going. She is excited as she should be and it seems like her fans are equally as excited. Ariana has stated in previous interviews that music is her first love, considering that she has been pursuing a music career at the age of 8 years old I would like to say that very talented actress turned singer is very well experienced and is ready to blow your minds with this album. Good Luck Ariana!

Source: Billboard