Beyonce and hubby Hov recently copped a new crib in Beverly Hills after looking for a perfect fit to call home for quite some time. However according to an inside source that is apart of Beyonce’s move-in team, Queen Bey is extra picky and “extremely demanding” of her crew.

“Beyonce is being a complete diva and is demanding all of these changes to the home prior to her move in,” the inside source revealed. “They have crews working around the clock right now to make sure that everything Beyonce is requesting is done on time.”

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The source also revealed that Bey has an odd request of “tropical flowers” but ONLY tropical flowers; nothing else.

“She is also requesting fresh paint in all of the rooms and that the flooring in several parts of the house be redone.”

Although I doubt it’s anyone’s business, but the source also explained that Bey and Hov are only renting the home so they’re not sure why she’s being so extra with her demands.

“The problem is that house is not even hers. She is renting it!”

I mean, it is Beyonce. I’m pretty sure she can do whatever she wants, but that’s none of my business though. *Sips tea*

Source: RO