WELP, things just got real between Lira Galore’s mother and Wendy Williams.

The mom of the 22-year-old vixen and fiancee of Rick Ross felt a type of way after Wendy Williams tried to bash Lira on her show, saying she isn’t “wifey material” because she had pictures with rappers such as Meek Mill, Wale and others from back in the day.

Momma Galore went on Instagram and made a huge “Dear Wendy Williams” post basically bashing the talk-show host and even addressing her past drug problem.

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“From one mother to another… How would you like it if someone was calling your son names?” she wrote. “Or saying he isn’t husband material because he has you as an example for a mother, an ex coke head!”

She went off and made some extremely valid points. Wendy has yet to respond and for once in her career, I think she’s going to stay quiet for this one.

Don’t mess with a mother’s precious baby girl!

Check out Momma Galore’s full message to Wendy in the gallery. Is she right for coming at her? I believe in this situation – absolutely.