IFWT_Jordan mansion 1

Michael Jordan is having trouble selling his mega mansion so he’s decided to sweeten the pot a bit.  If there are any multimillionaires who are also sneaker collectors, they may want to jump at this offer.

via Maxim:

Michael Jordan’s Chicago mansion has been on the market since 2012 and three years later, its asking price has been chopped nearly in half—from $29 million to $14.9 million. But there’s reason to believe that the 56,000-square-foot house will be off the market soon. Luxury real estate agent Kofi Nartey, whose cinematic tours of the house have been splashed all over the internet the past couple days, tells Maxim that dropping nearly $15 million won’t just get you an unthinkably large crib, it’ll get you “a pair of every edition of signature Air Jordans in the buyer’s size.”

Along with all the typical trappings of a rich man’s domain — a full gym, 15 bathrooms, kitchens both inside and out — the house on 2700 Point Lane has some even more awe-inspiring amenities. For example, Jordan’s estate has a full service beauty salon, five fire places, an island and 15 heated garage spaces.

So yea, if you have $15 million laying around, this is a pretty good deal.

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