Just when you think you’ve seen it all Kelly Ripa One of the host of Kelly and Michael Live has all eyes on her because of who she chose to become for Halloween this year.

Mary: Instagram

Everyone is talking about her bold move that led her to slipping into a shimmery, black strapless gown, elbow-length gloves, a thick necklace of pearls and a lot of butt padding, that ultimately transformed her from being Kelly Ripa to Kim Kardashian in just a couple of hours. Her costume is hilarious yet breathtaking. Oh she also had a champagne bottle prop that had foam streaming out into a bottle to replicate Kim’s famous cover shoot recently. I personally think this costume is so much fun and genius. This isn’t the first time Kelly chose to become Kim Kardashian, back in 2011 Kelly paired up with Nick Lachey to become the dramatic reality t.v star on her wedding day with Kris Humphries. Kelly Ripa has done a great job at portraying the very attractive Kim Kardashian. After all I don’t know anyone at this point who wouldn’t want to be the vivacious, big booty vixen whose style is so appealing and breath taking. I wonder who Kelly will be next year.

Source: People