Today comes the third video out of six in the installment of MJ’s mansion in Chicago for sale. Now, we get to see “The Island”. Hit the jump.

Last week we learned of Michael Jordan’s luxurious mansion being up for sale to whoever drops 15 M’s on it and we got a sneak peek inside his crib. Well this week, aside from revealing that whoever buys the property get’s every single pair of Jordan’s ever made, real estate agent Kofi Nartey gives another visual on the MJ estate in Chi city with, “The Island.”

The Island is of a putting green surrounded by water, designated for you to think, dream, imagine, or hope of your deepest desires, with a bridge for you to cross once your done with your lucid dreaming. The man really has thought of some sentimental ideas for such a billionaire.

The legend himself Michael Jordan reportedly made more last year in SNEAKERS than he did in his entire NBA career salary. Stats showed from his time playing ball, his contracts secured him $92 Million in total salary during his 14 year career. But last year? He made $100 Million off of kicks. I would have my own island too. Peep the vid below and in case you missed inside his mansion, you can see that here too.

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