The next chapter in the storied selling technique of MJ’s estate is here. Go even deeper into the 56,000 square foot property with “Driven”, after the jump.

Kofi Nartey gives us an exclusive look even further around the estate and boasts Michael Jordan’s beloved golf course. Nartey keeps us on our toes through this luxurious piece of real estate and motivates us to keep winning with each signature vignette of his series of MJ’s mansion videos.

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What would you do with all this space? The putting green is one of many places on the estate for you to escape to, enjoy your success and to earn even more. Afterwards you can appreciate a nice cigar in the humidor, savor a glass of wine in the wine cellar, go dream for awhile on “The Island”, or just walk around in every pair of J’s ever created if you decide to drop $15 Million on this expense.

Take a look below at what “drives” Michael to achieve all he has and what Kofi is inspiring us all to do. Peep the previous three videos inside MJ’s luxurious mansion also for a quick briefing if you missed out below.

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